Driver for your Tour

Having your own driver transport you from airport to accommodation, to your golf and the rest of your tour, before returning you the airport is by far the best option and in many cases actually works out most economical.  This arrangement works for couples right through to larger groups.  Your driver has in depth knowledge of where you are going and the locations you will be driving through.   He can assist with places to visit, places to eat and places to shop.  Our drivers are all professional and friendly with first rate vehicles that will be appropriate to the size of your group. 

Self Drive

Hiring a car often seems like a cheap option.   We can arrange car hire if that is your wish but it is important that we explain some things.  Car hire is the UK is not cheap and there are additions for extra drivers of insurance exemption rates.  A standard car is not large and will not take 4 people and luggage, some standard cars will not accommodate golf clubs even if there is only 3 people in the group. It is also a fact that our roads are narrow, windy and hilly and can be very dangerous if you are not used to that kind of driving.  It's the reason we have produced some first class rally car drivers, but joking aside, if you have not driven Scotland's rural roads before we seriously recommend taking the driver option.  New drink driving laws mean there basically isn't any drinking, not even if you are driving in the morning.  


Definitely a good option if you have limited time and want to pack in more golf locations at greater distances.  It's also a fantastic way to drop in to some of the top courses.  Talk to us if you want an experience of travelling in style. 


Believe it or not we struggle to discuss trains.   There are stations in Glasgow and Edinburgh coming up from the south (London included), but thereafter train travel is rather limited.  A train line runs north through Stirling and to Inverness, another takes the east coast and on to Aberdeen.   There is a scenic route over in the West.  A train going from Edinburgh passes near to St Andrews (the last few miles will require a local taxi service to get to your hotel or golf), but with limited services and limited stations it does not make the best choice of getting around Scotland.  

Great for the novelty of the Steam Train Line or going over the Forth Rail Bridge.

If you are planning to travel by train please discuss this when exchanging emails or making your enquiry.