FAQ's from clients

Just a few of the questions the crop up regularly.  

If you have others please feel free to ask when you contact us. 

How is my enquiry dealt with
— Dirk

As quickly as possible. Dependant on how quickly we progress with exchanging emails to build a full picture of your requirements. We then present you with your options and prices.   Speed is often vital as hotels and golf are not secure until a firm booking is agreed. 

When is the best time to travel to Scotland
— Sandy

In general the golf season in Scotland runs from Mid April through to Mid October.  Most golf travellers try to visit during the months of June, July August.  However, arriving late April or May offers the pleasure of playing the courses in pristine condition before it starts to get very busy. 

Is it possible to hire clubs
— Ronnie

Hire clubs can be arranged. These must be booked in advance.

I have not been playing long and my handicap is quite high. Is that a problem
— Zu ping

The Old Course require a maximum handicap of 24 (men) and 36 (women).  Some other top course have similar handicaps.  However not all course apply this so there are lots of other great links opportunities in Scotland 

I am planning to travel with my wife who is a non golfer. Will there be things for her to do
— Jeff

Jeff, No problem, we have a wide range of options for non golfers and are happy to co-ordinate these options around your tee time.  Options can include spa, film locations, castles, museums, shopping, cashmere, family geneology etc.

We are thinking about keeping the cost down, can we hire a vehicle and drive ourselves
— Chuck

Chuck, we like to look after our clients and give them the best experience possible and we worry for our clients where this is concerned.  Scotland's roads can be narrow, windy and hilly with blind bends and dips.  If you are not used to these driving conditions it can be extremely dangerous and stressful.  Car hire is expensive, and so is petrol in the UK.  Four golfers, luggage and clubs will not fit in an average car hire vehicle.  After all that is taken into account the cost of hiring tends to be much the same as having a driver included.  The driver also has local knowledge.  The best experience is gained by having a driver and we recommend that first and foremost.